Saturday, December 10, 2011

Amazing Agent Luna By Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, Art By Shiei

Amazing Agent Luna by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (art by Shiei) is a very interesting book. I picked it up because my friend from China (who moved here last year) told me to, and since I'm such a wonderful friend I read it. Though what I find interesting is that I think I wouldn't have read it if it were a written book. See, that's the magic of manga, it can make something that I normally wouldn't read into something that I LOVE!

Amazing Agent Luna is about a teenage, government-raised, super spy-ninja who has to face her greatest threat yet, going to high school! The whole book starts out with Luna breaking into the "French Embassy" to steal Count Von Brucken's files. There's also a mysterious boy that takes an interest in Luna while she's in France. When that same boy (named Jonah), who happens to be Von Brucken's son, starts going to Noble High school, Luna's already crazy life, gets even crazier.

I think my favorite character is Oliver, a guy who skateboards around the school and has a certain interest in Luna (same one as mysterious lover boy, Jonah, who I mentioned earlier). I like him because I've always liked the nerdy/un-popular guys that keep popping up over the course of the book. Also, I think he's kind of cute, in the pictures. When ever my friends steal this book to draw pictures from it (below) they always have to mention that I like Oliver. Though, when they do, I always reply "She likes Jonah!" and then we proceed to have a staring contest until the other people walk away (works like a charm).

Friend #1 drew the on on the right, Friend #2 on left
Friend #1 drew both
Friend #1 drew both
Friend #2 drew one on right, I (yay me) drew the other
Friend #1 drew this.
(I hope this makes up for the lack of cover-image)

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