Sunday, August 11, 2013

God/Goddess Poems

A lot of my posts that I will be writing soon will be writing pieces from my school year. This one is three poems that I wrote about Greek myths. In ELA class this was assigned because we were reading The Odyssey, and my teacher assigned me extra work, because I'm awesome like that.

Bellerphon was just a boy
And the King of Lycia he had mocked
The King wanted him dead
Though the law had that blocked.

'Oh', thought the King
'If only I could trick him
Into deaths open hand!'
So the King sent him off for a little swim.

A swim across the sea to kill the Chimera
Half dragon, half ram
Could spew fire
Who was taking all the town's ham.

He prayed to Athena
And help him she did
She sent him a dream
And a bridle that was hid.

Bellephron captured Pegasus
And used the bridle to tame
He was so inspired by Athena
That a plan to him came.

He flew towards the Chimera
Which blew fire at him
And with a single spear
Killed the Chimera, though very grim.

He went to brag to all the villages
Of this great deed
He thought the gods should know
So he went to them on his mighty steed.

The gods did not like
His untamed Pride
So they sent a bee to sting Pegasus
And Bellerphon dropped down and died.

Grotesque, damned
Slithering, petrifying, hissing
Ugly snakes for hair

Everlasting, forever
Following, Waiting, Believing
Loving, loyal, Forgetful, careless
Procrastinating, evading, uncaring
Botched, nevermore

Goddess of the Hearth,
Queen of the Homestead,
Patroness of Marriage,
Instigator of Domestic Joy.

Guardian of all lost children and orphans,
But no husband or children of her own.

She was the eldest child,
Born of Chronos and Rhea,
One of six- like the opening act,
Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.

She just wants peace- like a dog wants a bone,
And to touch and tend to the tedious fire.
Hestia was was never one to choose a side in war,
She even gave up her seat on Olympus to prevent one.

In her honour I hope your hearth is always hot.

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